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Firehouse Mouse is the perfect solution for any business looking to get their ecommerce website up and running. Whether it’s an independent seller or a major corporation, we have features that will work to get your storefront online!


Our  Features

Some of our most exciting features are highlighted below. These powerful features are included with all of our plans, and will help you to get your website set up and running quickly.

20+ Custom Plugins

Customize your website by adding custom plugins.
Customize your website by adding custom plugins. Custom plugins let you do things like display local weather, display upcoming calendar events, and display your fire department’s Facebook page.

Sitewide Messenger

Allows your members to send messages to each other.

Members of your agency can send messages to each other using the website. This is an alternative to email, and keeps your agencie’s communications inside your website.


Custom Permissions

Assign custom permissions to your members.

Securing your website has never been easier! Using our permissions manager, you can allow certain members to access and post content to your website based on their account, or based on their rank.

Email Accounts

Every member of your website has their own agency email account.

Professionalism in the fire service is key. Emails from your agencie’s members should be linked to your agencie’s website for them to appear professional. Every plan includes email accounts for each member on your website.

Firehouse Mouse Support

Support to help you when you need it.

We are your online mutual aid. We provide support as part of your plan to help you get your website started, and to help you along the way as you need.

Secure SSL Certificate

Your website is secured with an SSL certificate.

You can rest assured knowing that your website is secure. We provide a secure SSL certificate as part of your plan, to encrypt your website data to prevent it from becoming stolen as it is sent over the internet.

Feature Idea?

If you have a feature idea for your website that we don’t currently provide, let us know! We can create new features so your website works the way you like!

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