1. Enhance Communication with the Public:
    • Showcase training events to publicize how your agency is actively preparing and ready to respond to an emergency event in your community both day and night. 
    • Showcase monthly and yearly alarm/call volume so that the general public is aware of the time and investment that your members and organization are making to contribute to the safety and welfare of the community. 
    • Post severe weather alerts, road closures, fundraiser announcements, and various other announcements on your website to keep the public informed of events around the community. 
    • Share events and announcements on your website will attract prospective new members who have an interest in learning more about your organization and who might pursue becoming a member. 
    • As you make new posts on your website, Firehouse Mouse can integrate with your Facebook page to connect and share your content on social media as well.

  2. Enhance Communication with your Members:
    • Publish training material, calendar events, and documents for your members to be able to access on-demand to have learning materials at their fingertips. 
    • Send out newsletters to your members to communicate current and future events 
    • Post announcements on your website for only members to see regarding training, in-house messages, and other various announcements.

  3. Donations & Fundraising Effort:
    • Notify the public of fundraising events such as boot drives, chicken barbecues, bingo nights, raffles, organization wish-list, etc. If they don’t know, they can’t attend! 
    • Ask the public to donate to your organization using PayPal, Amazon Smile, or Check. 
    • Maintain a reservation system for scheduling reservations for your banquet hall or rental facility.

  4. Recruitment Information for New and Potential Members:
    • Throughout the nation, volunteer fire departments are experiencing more and more difficulty recruiting and retaining new members due to the amount of time needed for training and limited knowledge of the different roles that recruits can perform within your organization. With Firehouse Mouse, you can provide information to the public describing the requirements to fulfill the duties in your organization such as House Member, Auxiliary Member, Junior Member, Fire Police, Firefighter, Certified First Responder (CFR), and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Each volunteer role fits a different need for your organization and is equally essential, and Firehouse Mouse gives you the tools necessary to convey this information to the public. 
    • You can attach a blank membership application on your website for prospective new members to fill out at their convenience.

  5. Enhance Training:
    • You can post training and fire prevention techniques to the general public such as holiday safety best practices or using a fire extinguisher. You can customize your training pages to work for your organization. 
    • Especially during a pandemic, remote work has become a standard of practice across the board. With Firehouse Mouse you can post training documentation and videos for your members to review from anywhere. Members can learn from their homes so they can stay up to date on training and procedures to protect the homes of your community. 

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