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Sitespark was built with one goal – to make website creation and content updates as easy as possible for you. Our Sitespark platform is designed with a common visual layout to have a consistent look and feel no matter what feature you are using to provide ease of use. 

In order to build your website to its full potential, you need a series of essential tools, that’s why so many features and tools are included with your Sitespark subscription!

Active911 Live Alarm Feed

Create a page on your website that automatically displays a live feed of calls/alarms/jobs from Active911. You can also add a condensed feed which will show up on every page. 


Create a page about your organization, fire station, town hall, offices, etc. Publish your street address, primary email address, phone number, fax number, social media links. If you have multiple locations, you can create an unlimited number of locations and specify your main site as the primary location. The primary location information is automatically added at the bottom of your website. 


Publish custom announcements that appear as banners on top of your website pages. Use announcements for recruitment messages, fundraisers, training dates, severe weather notices, road closings and more! You can customize the announcement color and message to indicate the importance of the announcement. 

Apparatus Gallery

Showcase your apparatus, trucks, boat, UTV, trailer and other equipment on your website as well as retired apparatus. This serves as a great way to promote your equipment, tools, and vehicles that you use throughout the day. Add a description about your apparatus, date in service, make, model, etc. 


Create an unlimited number of blog post articles. A blog is a place where you can create articles about any topic. This could be a good place to post training articles, how-to articles. You can add images and other file attachments to your article. You can create public and members-only blog posts. 

Business Directory

Publish an unlimited number of listings of local business listings in your virtual business directory. You can add the business name, upload a logo, address, phone number, fax number, primary email address, website URL, social media links and a business description. Categorize business types for your visitors to filter through businesses. Create businesses that are both visible to the public and members-only. 


Add unlimited calendar events for meeting nights, training nights, open house, parades and community events. Members-only calendar events can also be created.  

Call/Alarm History 

Publish information about Calls/Alarms/Jobs that your organization responds to. You can add date of call, location, responding units, mutual aid, description and attachments.  

Consumer Product Safety (CPCS) Recalls

Automatically show consumer product safety recall information on your website. This will show up as a designated page on your website or can also be shown as a small news feed on every page. 

Custom Page

Create a custom webpage that is not already included in the other features. Some ideas are pages for banquet hall info, bingo games, fundraisers, parades, and anything else. Use page templates to post fire prevention articles, weather safety, holiday safety, department history and more!  

Custom Page from RSS Feed (Coming Soon)

An RSS feed is like a list of news posts from another website. You can create a custom page that retrieves information from an RSS feed and displays it as a designated page on your website.

FireRescue1 News Feed

Create a page that automatically shows news articles and posts from FireRescue1.

Homepage Editor

This is what your website visitors see when they first visit your website. This is where you can create a welcome message for visitors to see, this is typically a few paragraphs about your organization, how it was established, general history and your organization’s mission and goals. You can have both a public homepage and a separate members-only homepage.

Homepage Banner Builder (Coming Soon)

This is where you can customize the homepage banner/header section. This is the banner on the top of your website that typically shows your logo/patch, your organization name, address, etc. You can customize the background color, text color, logo and more.

Homepage Quick Action Icons

Create custom quick action buttons that are displayed on the homepage. These are like shortcut buttons that you can use to link to a page on your website or to a different website. Some common uses for quick actions are linking to your apparatus gallery, recruitment or member application, contact us, news or alarm totals. You can further customize these by adding an icon that matches the purpose of the quick action link. You can create public and members-only quick actions. 

Member Directory

Recognition is important and we all like to be acknowledged for the work that we do. Showcase your organization members to your community, add member bios, add rank and role such as Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Chief, Assistance Chief. Create custom fields such as date joined, pager number, membership dues paid or any custom value that your organization needs. Custom input fields can be added either as members-only or visible to the public. If you would like your members to update custom values on their own, you can pair member pages to website accounts and so they can update these fields.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your Facebook feed to your website and show this across your website. Also add hyperlinks that connect to your organization’s Facebook page, Twitter (X) page, Instagram, YouTube pages at the bottom of your website. 

File Cabinet

Upload files and display them in a list for your website visitors and members to view and download. This section is perfect for membership applications, standard operating guidelines (SOGs), standard operation procedures (SOPs), and more! Members-only section is available and is only visible by your organization members after they login. 

Custom Form Builder

Build unlimited custom web-based forms by using our easy drag-and-drop form builder. This is ideal for creating an online membership application, contact-us page, survey, questionnaire. Form submissions can be sent directly to your email inbox or can be read in the Sitespark Dashboard.

Jeopardy Game Builder

Make in-house training fun and competitive by building a Jeopardy training game! Add custom questions and answers to your gameboard and play with 2 -8 teams to compete to get the highest score! Create unlimited games with no limit on how many categories and score groups that can be added. 

Links Builder

Links are shortcuts to other websites that you want to list on your site. A link could be a website for a similar organization nearby, town hall, city hall, county, etc. Each link can have a name, URL and description to provide more information about its purpose.  Members-only links can be created to only show for your organization members.  There is no limit, and you can create an unlimited number of links.

Meeting Minutes

This is a designated page on your website that lists meeting minutes from your organization. Add information such as a description about the meeting, meeting agenda file, meeting minutes file as well as an audio/video file of the meeting (this is helpful if the meeting was held remotely or over Zoom, Webex, or Teams).

Members Only Area

Create login accounts for your members to see members-only content and posts.


Create news posts that have a title, description, files and photo attachments. If you are posting about an event, you can automatically post your article to your calendar to prevent duplicate work. Members-only news posts can be created and there is no limit to how many articles you can post.

National Fire News

Automatically show fire and first responder news from around the country. This will show up as a designated page on your website or can also be shown as a small news feed on every page.

Page Templates

Sitespark comes with pre-made page templates to help you get started with posting content on your website without having to start from scratch. Some categories of page templates include holiday greetings, holiday safety, recruitment & retention, donate page and weather safety. We continuously work to add unique page templates to provide quality content for your website!

Past Members

Publish pages in memorial of your past members. Showcase their positions, years of service and a member bio to add a biography about their time with your organization.

Popup Builder

Create custom popup notifications that show an alert box when visitors view your website. This could be used to advertise for a fundraiser or other event. Add text and images to the popup to give it more information. Create both public and members-only popups.

Sitewide Search

This section lets your website visitors and members search through pages and posts on your website like how Google, Bing, or Yahoo search works. Website content will be shown as a list sorted by the most relevant content based on what was searched.

Weather Forecast

Publish a weather forecast for your town. This can be shown as a designated page on your website or can be shown as a small forecast on every page.

RSS Feed Generator

Publish an RSS feed for your website. By using this, website visitors and your members can use this RSS feed to receive notifications when something new is posted on your website.

The Fallen

Display a designated page in memorial of fallen first responders throughout the country. This page automatically updates.

We are developing more features to improve Sitespark.

If you are looking for a new feature that is not listed above, please reach out and we would be happy to work with you!

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