Websites for Fire Departments / EMS

Firehouse Mouse is the perfect tool for Fire and EMS agencies looking to manage their own website. You can create separate accounts and add things that are only visible by members of your company, giving you complete control over what’s public or private on your site!


Website Design for Fire Departments & EMS 

Welcome to Firehouse Mouse SiteSpark, your go-to Content Management System tailored for fire departments and EMS websites. With an array of specialized plugins catering to the unique needs of emergency services, our platform ensures seamless website content management and post management.


Key Features

Some of our most exciting features are highlighted below. These powerful features are included with all of our plans, and will help you to get your website set up and running quickly.

Apparatus Gallery

Showcase your department’s fleet with our Apparatus Gallery plugin. Share images and specifications of your vehicles, providing the community with an inside look at your capabilities.

Custom Form Builder

Effortlessly create and manage custom forms for membership applications, contact us, training feedback, or community engagement. Our Custom Form Builder plugin empowers you to collect specific data tailored to your department’s needs.

Member Directory

Highlight the strength of your team with the Member Directory plugin. Create a directory showcasing your personnel, their roles, and contact information, fostering transparency and community connection.

Yearly Alarm Totals

Track and display yearly alarm/job totals. Our plugin simplifies the process of compiling and presenting yearly and monthly statistics, allowing your department to showcase its impact and effectiveness.

Theme Builder

Tailor your website to reflect your fire department’s identity with the Theme Builder. Choose a variety of color schemes, ensuring a professional and visually appealing online presence.

Meeting Minutes

Keep your community and members informed effortlessly with our Meeting Hub plugin. Upload agendas and minutes seamlessly, creating a centralized space for important discussions and decisions. Enhance transparency and collaboration by providing easy access to past meeting records, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

Public Website and Members-Only Portal:

Maintain a public-facing website for community engagement and a secure members-only portal for sensitive information. Our platform ensures a seamless distinction between public and private content.

Event Calendar

Post public & members-only calendar events, training events as well as schedule recurring events to keep your members and community informed.

Free SSL Certificate

Secure your website with a complimentary SSL certificate. Safeguard sensitive data, assuring your department and community of a secure online environment.

Regular Updates & Support

Count on regular updates introducing new features and enhancements to your website. We also can build custom features upon request.

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