We are excited to announce a new feature to Firehouse Mouse Sitespark platform – Active911 Live Alarm Feed!

You can now publish an Active911 live alarm feed to your website to display a live feed of alarms/calls/jobs.

Preview of Active911 feature in Sitespark
Step 1: Open Sitespark Marketplace

Log in to your Sitespark admin panel, and on the bottom of the menu bar, click on the ‘Browse Marketplace’ button.

sitespark active911 step1

Step 2: Install plugin from Sitespark Marketplace

Click the ‘Details’ button under the Active 911 Feed plugin.

Click ‘Install this plugin’ button.

sitespark active911 step2a

sitespark active911 step2b

Step 3: Look for new plugin in your menu

You should now see that the Active 911 plugin is installed. The Active 911 plugin is now shown in your menu. Click on this plugin.

sitespark active911 step3

Step 4: Update Active911 Settings

Clicking the ‘Active 911 Feed’ button allows you to enter your 6-digit agency code, and any title that you would like the Active 911 page to be named on your website. You can also choose whether or not to show the Active911 feed on your website.

If you do not know your agency code, click here to visit Active911’s website for documentation.

sitespark active911 step4

You should now be able to access your Active911 feed on your website by visiting your website below!


Optional: How do I add a mini-plugin to my homepage?

You can add a mini plugin to your homepage, so that your Active 911 feed is visible on the left or right sidebar of your website on all pages.

Step 1: Go to your Website Homepage

Go to your website homepage, and on the left and right sides of your website there are buttons labeled ‘Add Plugin’. Clicking on this will show you the plugins that are available for you to add to your website.

sitespark active911 optional1 step1

Step 2: Click on the 'Active 911 Feed' plugin

Click on the ‘Active 911 Feed’ plugin to add this to your homepage.

Optional: How do I add the Active911 Plugin to your the website menu?

Step 1: Go to your Website Homepage

In the Sitespark admin panel, click on the ‘Display Menu Links’ button.

sitespark active911 step1 optional2

Step 2: Create New Link or Edit Link
  1. View the dispaly menu links page
  2. Create a new link or Edit an existing link
  3. Set Link Type to “A page on your website”
  4. Click on the ‘Choose a Page on Your Website’ selection, and pick the ‘Active 911 Feed’ option, click on the ‘Update’ button
  5. Click on the ‘Save Links’ button

sitespark active911 step6 optional2

You will now see the new button on your website menu.

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Active911 Live Alarm Feed Plugin

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